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    The Marvelous Misadventures of Dino - Chapter Fifteen

    The Sword and the Lioness

    As the group neared the outskirts of town, raion made a suggestion that they should get some horses for the long trek ahead. So they stopped by the stables to rent a few horses. Raion knowing the stable manager was able to get the horses cheaper than usually, except there was a problem.

    "WHAT" screamed pl as Raion told him the news. "I am not ridding no donkey"

    Pl then looking around noticed that everybody else had already mounted a horse.

    "Why don't you ride it" Pl asked with anger in his voice

    "I have simba silly" She said with a big grin.

    Without another audible word Pl reluctantly mounted the donkey. With everyone mounted. Raion turned to simba and whispered to him. She then steeped back as simba expanded to four times his size.

    "Good boy" She said while scratching his chin.

    Turning around she sees the look of amazement on everybody's face.

    " Oh yeah, he's not really a lion he's more of a shape shifting blob. So i perfer him to be in the shape of a lion" She explained.

    She hopped on to simbas back. Simba then started to take off at a gallop. with everybody following behind with Pl bringing up the rear.

    During there journey across the plains, Raion rode up and started riding beside cloud.

    "That's a nice sword you got there cloud" She said with a smile.

    Cloud lost deep in thought was suddenly brought back to reality by the girl's words.

    "Oh umm yeah it is" He said hastily

    "Mind if i hold it" She asked

    "I don't know" Cloud answered

    "Plllleeeeasssse" She said with puppy dog eyes

    "Alright fine" He said with a sigh

    Cloud then tossed flash to her. Raion caught the sword with ease. Holding the sword upright see looked it over in amazement. The sword was excellently it didn't have a flaw on it. Soon she heard the voice of the sword in her head.

    "Who are you" The sword asked.

    "Im Raion" She answered

    "Why are you holding me" He asked not to kindly.

    "Because i thought you looked cool" She said

    "Well can you hand me back please" He said slightly annoyed.

    "No. Imma hold on to you." She said smartly.

    "Fine, whatever" He replied.

    The group then headed across the plains towards frost gully pass. After a few hours of ridding they reach the beginning of the pass. And there waiting for them is a familiar figure.

    End of chapterFifteen

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    Re: The Marvelous Misadventures of Dino - Chapter Fifteen

    I like it bloo D
    can't wait for next chapter!

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    Re: The Marvelous Misadventures of Dino - Chapter Fifteen

    This was a silly chapter bloo, a donkey lmao

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    Re: The Marvelous Misadventures of Dino - Chapter Fifteen

    This is kinda interesting :D

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    Re: The Marvelous Misadventures of Dino - Chapter Fifteen

    More please ()

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