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    Re: More overrated: Itachi or Minato?

    Quote Originally Posted by YellowFlash1 View Post
    I would have to say that Itachi is way overrated than every other character in Naruto. Why?

    The reason is very simple, it's not a case of the fact that people overrated his capabilities which is still a reason. It's the fact that people seem to overrated his "Genjutsu" So such an extent were it's ridiculous.

    Everything single Scenario you see Itachi in everyone says "Genjutsu, GG" or "Finger Genjutsu, game over" " Amaterasu, Good game the list is endless, with these stupid remarks. Don't get me wrong, they work however people don't seem to see that there is a limit to the effectiveness.

    Amaterasu has already been dodged or blocked, By Gaara, Sasuke, Raikage. Which already show's that it's not that effective, people see Sasuke using it and think that Itachi is the same.

    They completely overrated his Genjutsu so the extent it's not even funny, his genjutsu can be broken by Ninja who know what there doing. Sure tsukuyomi may be different, however.. When has it ever been casted in the Heat of battle? Never.. Because it's a close range Technique that can't just be used instantly. It Requires allot..... Concentration, with perfect eye contact. He also leaves himself venerable when he closes his eye.

    Taking all that in to consideration, it's doubtful that he could pull it off against an opponent who can match him in intelligence, or even has knowledge on the Sharingan. Allot of people don't understand, that all of his techniques are his own weakness due to his Eye's not been able to take the stress of his MS attack's, not to mention his physical Stamina.

    Yata Mirror, this is another nonsense thing that people don't grasp.... It's true that you can't break through it, however. Susanoo doesn't exactly have the mobility to just turn around as fast as it wishes and giving the fact that Yata Mirror isn't 360 degree's, His Susanoo is completely overrated.

    Susanoo may be the massive trump card for Itachi, however... It's also his biggest weakness, considering his eye's start to bleed and he pretty much wastes his own chakra and his life. He's an incredible fighter no doubt. However... He's been portrayed in the manga as this unbeatable character however. Take all you have seen about him in to a fight, against an opponent who is potentially half decent, he's going to die.

    Everyone always claims that He stopped edo tensei, this is true however... However, it wasn't his abilities that allowed him to do so.

    Itachi played a massive part in the manga, however allot of people don't understand that allot of the people he beat, weren't exactly top notch and think that what he did against Kakashi and whoever else is going to work on Top Tier Ninja. Apart from Kabuto, which he was Edo and got killed twice, which doesn't count.

    This is my opinion. The way people talk about him and come up with the most illogical statement's when talking about him, this is why i have deemed him the most overrated character ever.
    Couldn't Agree More.

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    Re: More overrated: Itachi or Minato?

    Quote Originally Posted by sage22 View Post
    How has sasuke surpassed itachi
    Well, let's see...

    Sasuke has better stamina, Ninjutsu variation, chakra quality/quantity, weapons, and arguably almost even smarts.

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