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    MS. Access 2010 field properties HELP !!!

    so guys can anyone help me with those ? i know some of it but i don't know how to do the ones that says the first letter must be capital or the last letter must be capital and begins with Z ans the Zip field too . please help someone

    1.making the last letter capital(uppercase) and the rest not(lower case) and limit to 15 character .
    2.the date should be between 1/1/2012 and 31/12/2012 .
    3.first letter capital and the rest not .
    4.a ten character string that contain any 3 character followed by one zero and six digit , like this (USA0344543)
    5. 10 character beginning with Z and uppercase with blue color

    i searched almost every corner of net and didn't find anything
    please any help or or any link that would be helpful would be appreciated T_T and +reps.
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