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    NarutoBase Forums Tournament

    This is the not-official Tournament of NarutoBase!

    The Rules:
    - The time of the fight will be decided by the Tournament maker(s)
    - Whenever a fight is not done, It will be rescheduled until the fight is done
    - There are stages in this tournament depending on how many contestants
    - All fights in a stage have to be done, or we wont advance to the next stage
    - Before you begin fighting, you explain your (real) abilities, elements.
    - Custom characters have to be approved by the creators before they can come in the tournament
    - The winner of the tournament will gain a prize (That depends on Versuvio)
    - Each fight has to be done with a Judge watching.
    - The Judges are also assigned by me
    - If Any rule-breaking occurs you will be kicked out of the tournament
    - The normal rules count to!
    - You can only start the fight if you both agreed on each others abilities, elements.
    - The Judge has to give his opinion to
    - If you want to apply as a Judge you have to PM me
    - Judges cannot fight in the tournament
    - If you do not agree to any of the rules, PM me and explain it
    - I am open for suggestions -> PM me
    - The fight will end if the Judge says so
    - The Judge says who wins
    - No discussions after
    - Judges CAN interfere in a fight, whenever something is not right
    - No one else but judges, and the fighters can post in a Fight-Thread
    - This is tournament is free of choice: Fight by new battle rules, or no battle rules
    - When you pick no battle rules, the rules of the tournament still count!!
    - Both fighters must agree before a fight which battle rules they are going to pick
    - Applying to fight is done in this thread, post stuff like: im in.. And join the social group
    - Who loses a fight will be kicked out of the social Group
    - If you do not want to fight DO NOT join the social group
    - If you want to be a co-creator/leader of this tournament, PM me and say why
    - Judges and creators will join the group to

    This is the link to the social group:
    I need someone to take the white out of the first and second line

    Creators will be : Blue
    Judges will be :Purple

    Current Creators: ByaNeKuJiGan, BishamonSama, Miggy69
    Current Judges: ByaNeKuJiGan, BishamonSama, Miggy69,XxRed_AngelzxX, SweetSasuke

    More Information:
    - The Location of the fights are in Battle Arena.
    - You have to join the social group first
    - You cant just be a Judge or Creator, I have to approve you first
    - Versuvio and the Mods will arrange a prize for the winner.... I hope ...
    - Again, if you have any suggestions, PM them to me
    - Its not that there is a certain number of ppl who can join
    - The ppl will decide when we have enough contestants, or we will not start the tournament
    - If you want to be related to the tournament in any way you have to join the group
    - I really need a team of creators.. To handle things when im not around

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