granted we've only seen four but they are four very beastly people.
and then theres mito in the past.
some uzumaki feats:
surviving having their bijuu extracted
possessing such a vitality and regenerative power that kabuto is practically immortal after obtaining karins power
survived being impaled in the chest by chidori spear
and according to kushina, they were masters of fuinjutsu which we saw taught to minato. this made him even more OP than he already was.
mito was the only person to seal 100% bijuu into herself in the middle of a battle. according to obito she could sense negative emotions. possibly a trait gained when you mix uzumaki with kyuubi
kushina had chakra chains and a very strong special chakra which was enough to catch the attention of third raikage.
naruto is able to spam thousands of clones without resorting to kyuubi chakra, and handle SM based on the strength of his own chakra levels. which is why only he and kabuto can do it. it all comes back to uzumaki vitality and chakra force.

so i ask you, with fuinjutsus, long life, and massive chakra life force how did anyone destroy them?