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    naruto and minato VS raikage and killer bee

    setting:a large forest
    no sumons
    in the first case naruto cant use bm
    in the second case naruto can use bm

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    If you're depressed you'e
    living in the past, If you're
    anxious you're living in the
    future, if you're at peace
    you're living in the present.
    -Lao Tzu

    Re: naruto and minato VS raikage and killer bee

    God such a hard question!!!
    I think if minato could use a teleportation jutsu to seperate them in both instances i think N&M would win
    in the first instance without splitting them apart and bee in beast mode i think Raikage and bee may just snatch it
    with naruto in beast mode fighting bee and raikage head to head i think Minato would take down the raikage (not without some hardship)
    and assist in taking down bee.
    Unless of course naruto gets hit with a double lariat while going into sage mode in the first instance then minato would be in a lot of trouble :D

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